Work With Me

If you need more help tapping into your creative genius, we have a variety of options where you can engage with our team and Mike further.


There is both a Lite and Plus size Group Coaching program. This 3-week (Lite) or 12-week (Plus) online Zoom program includes group-level guidance with personalized expert feedback every step of the way.


You can attend a multi-day workshop or retreat and be taught in person by Mike. Our workshop and retreat locations take all the Million Dollar Ideator process into account, setting up a perfect environment to learn and practice ideating.

We offer a variety of workshops and retreats for both individual and corporate clients. Sample programs include:

Ideation Session
2-3 hours of whiteboarding, relentless question-asking, and massive idea-generation activities. Ideation sessions are ideal for individuals or businesses that need help with ideas for new ventures.

Ideation Workshops
Full-day intensive sessions where Mike breaks down all of the barriers to idea discovery through proprietary ideation activities. Workshops are ideal for individuals as well as small to large companies.

Ideation Retreats
Multi-day events with the best and most ambitious people on your team, where everyone comes together to discover and ideate through on-stage and small group activities. Bootcamps are ideal for individuals as well as small to large companies.

If you would like to train offsite, we are located in beautiful Puerto Rico, or our team can travel to your destination of choice.


You can work with Mike one-on-one. Mike offers online and in-person options where we deep dive into you as an ideator. Any ideas we come up with together during our sessions are yours. Mike has a knack for developing excellent ideas, and this option pays for itself very quickly.


Mike loves sharing his incredible story and hard-earned wisdom around overcoming adversity and building multiple successful businesses. Past speaking topics evolved around Mike’s expertise in ideation, innovation, and startup psychology. Yet Mike’s compelling story of overcoming numerous setbacks is what sets his speaking style apart. Mike’s self-deprecating humor makes his amazing story relatable to children as well as adults. From intimate gatherings of a dozen people to large audiences, Mike has a knack for making you feel like he is talking directly to you and you alone. He will make you laugh and he will make you cry but in the end, he will inspire you to live a fierce life.


A Corporate Entrepreneur in Residence (also called an EiR) helps executives “think and act more entrepreneurial” by bringing startup psychology, tools, & techniques into corporate teams. An Inspirer EiR embeds in your team for a specific project bringing with them all the startup psychology, technologies and methodologies that led them to successfully innovate faster, with smaller teams and less capital. Our EiRs are part startup coach, part startup psychologist, part startup trainer, and 100% focused on creating intellectual property for you. Embedding a serially successful entrepreneur into your team unlocks numerous opportunities for the team to learn by example while also having a skilled entrepreneur helping to build your next disruptive innovation. Additionally, Inspirer provides an outside-in voice to senior leadership, ensuring that no corporate biases towards disruptive startups are present.

As an EiR, we help answer these critical business questions:

  • How would an entrepreneur in a startup tackle this?
  • Are we over-funding, over-staffing, and giving innovation projects too much time?
  • Why are small startup teams that are barely funded growing so fast as to become credible threats?
  • Why can’t we create billion-dollar ideas as quickly and as inexpensively as startups?
  • Why are our top people leaving to create startups that then compete against us?
  • Are our internal processes creating barriers to true innovation flourishing?
  • Do we have a culture of fear or a culture of courage?
  • Are we really able to spot developing trends that lead to billion-dollar markets?