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The Surprisingly Simple Way To Quickly Create Profitable Ideas

The Most Valuable & In-demand Skill You Need To Have For Wealth Creation is Ideation!

The Million Dollar Ideator uncovers the surprisingly simple, scientifically backed, and proven way to quickly and consistently create unlimited million-dollar ideas. There is a reason the world’s top CEOs rate creativity and innovation as the most essential capabilities their people need to help their companies survive and thrive. Whether you are self-employed or working for an employer, the most important skill you can develop is the ability to create valuable ideas.

Inside we reveal the surprisingly simple way to quickly create profitable ideas:

  • Optimize Your Environment – Discover the optimal environment that unlocks effortless creativity.
  • Prepare Your Mind – Tap into the hidden mindset we all possess that enables limitless creativity.
  • Leverage The Tools – Learn to use a simple set of tools that will quickly create an unlimited number of million-dollar ideas.
  • Successfully Share – Communicate your million-dollar ideas so others can understand them and see their true value.

I.D.E.A.T.I.O.N.™ Cards

Mike has taken his I.D.E.A.T.I.O.N.™ process and put it on an easy-to-use plastic card set. This one tool has been responsible for billions of dollars in idea value creation. These cards sit on the desks of a who’s-who of corporate innovators around the globe. Get your own set now!


In Innovating Innovation! Why Corporate Innovation Struggles in the Age of the Entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur- turned-corporate innovation expert Mike Stemple reveals that the greatest threat large corporations face is their inability to innovate. The majority of contemporary innovation is created by startups, while large corporations lag behind. Stemple guides corporate executives toward true innovation, from understanding contemporary innovation to recognizing the difference between the corporate “operator” versus entrepreneurial “innovator” and being able to effectively implement a modern innovation program within an organization.

Innovating Innovation! answers the trillion-dollar question, “What can large companies do to innovate as easily as their disruptive startup competitors?” Corporate executives will learn how they can catch up and unlock the same quick-to-market innovations startups use to rapidly disrupt whole industries.


Million Dollar Ideator™ Masterclass

We offer an online Masterclass where you can watch me explain the four-phase Million Dollar Ideator process in greater depth than a book affords. Sometimes, watching and hearing a professional imparts more than just words can convey.


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